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Recorded TV Manager is a collection of Microsoft Windows® applications, Media Center add-ins and Windows services
designed specifically for home networks that include one or more Windows Media Center machines which record and collect
television programming for later viewing ("time shifting").


Also see: PlayNext Media Center Add-in

Recorded TV Manager 4   NOW AVAILABLE    More Information Here

Recorded TV Manager 4 includes all the functionality of Recorded TV Manager 3 and adds the following NEW functionality:

  • SmartMove Service - Powerful "expert system" applies Collection Rules that you define.

  • MetaData XML Database - Maintains a metadata XML database of all current recordings.

  • Folder List Editor - Maintains a list of all network folders which contain recorded TV files.

  • Search Bar - Quickly search all your recordings for specific text strings (actor, director, description.)


Recorded TV Manager 4


More software....

Recorded TV Manager 3 still available for free

Play NextMedia Center Play Next Add-in

Recorded TV Manager Windows 7 Media Center Play Next Add-in

This software provides a simplified Media Center user interface to your recorded TV collection.  

Read More and Download Here

XML MetaData Service Application

The Recorded TV Manager MetaData Service is a Windows Service Application which runs on a Windows 7 Media Center machine on the network, and maintains an XML database of all current recorded TV metadata.  The MetaData Service monitors all folders on the network which store recorded TV files, both DVR-MS and WTV files.  Creating and maintaining the MetaData XML database is done automatically in the background by the MetaData Service and requires no user intervention once the software has been set up.

(Note that this software is included in Recorded TV Manager 4 as part of the SmartMove Service.)

Read More and Download Here


Discontinued Software...

The following software has been discontinued.  These links remain active for support purposes.

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