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Recorded TV Manager

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Recorded TV Manager is designed specifically for home networks that include one or more Windows Media Center machines which record and collect television programming for later viewing ("time shifting").

Especially useful for large collections of Media Center recordings on Windows 8/10 without Media Center.

Windows 10 Store App - tvPlayNext

Media Center has been removed from Windows 10 and other solutions are required to play Media Center recorded TV files.  tvPlayNext is a free utility app for assisting with playing your Media Center recordings under Windows 10.

Read the Release Notes here.

Search the Windows Store for tvPlayNext.

Recorded TV Manager 4.1

This software was last updated on Feb 20, 2015

More Information here...

Recorded TV Manager 3

Recorded TV Manager 3 still available for free

Recorded TV Manager 3 (circa. 2009) has some limitations but provides a functional 'Free Trial' Version.

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